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Living Bad Breath Free is endorsed by respected members of both the Scientific and Medical communities for one simple reason: Because it stop bad breath at its source—period. Whether you need to manage short-term bad breath caused by eating or finally end long-term halitosis permanently, Living Bad Breath Free is your guaranteed solution.

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We are so confident that Living Bad Breath Free will completely end your bad breath problems that we’ll let you try it for 21 days for just $4.95. If you aren’t completely thrilled with your results, we will refund your initial payment. Otherwise, you will be billed a FINAL PAYMENT amount of just $25.04 in 21 days but either way: You risk nothing!

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Chronic halitosis is often caused by internal factors and most so-called bad breath “remedies” do little to solve the problem.
Living Bad Breath Free is designed to help you quickly identify the true source of your bad breath and provide simple, cost-effective solutions for eliminating it.

True Cost of Bad Breath

Here are just a few of the “hidden costs” of bad breath:
  • Lower Self-Esteem: Bad breath destroys confidence in social settings causing you to constantly “hold back” and avoid true engagement with other people.
  • Destroys Intimacy: People suffering from chronic halitosis statistically attract fewer mates, date less often, and have less frequent sexual activity.
  • Lowers Income Potential: Persons with chronic halitosis tend to make less money and have fewer opportunities for career advancement.
  • Drains Your Wallet: Each year, people spend more than 1 Billion dollars on products that merely mask bad breath odors, including: Breath Mints; Gum; Pills; Breath Strips; and others.

Doctors and Scientific Experts Agree: Living Bad Breath Free Really Works

Just Imagine Living Bad Breath Free

Although it may be hard to imagine today, here are just a few of the benefits waiting for you when you finally solve your bad breath problem:

  • Dramatic Boost in Self-Confidence
  • Greater Success Attracting Mates
  • Improved Sexual Performance and Satisfaction
  • Increased Earnings Potential
  • Savings of $200-1,000 Per Year

These benefits aren’t months or even years away-- Living Bad Breath Free is 100% guaranteed to help you end problems with bad breath in just 3 days or less—or your money back!

Doctor Recommended


"From my personal experience as a physician I know exactly how negatively bad breath can impact a persons life. This is a great book and based on my own research, the information provided is medically accurate. I intend to recommend it to my patients."


Dr. Jaggi Rao
Board-Certified Dermatologist and Cosmetic Surgeon in both Canada and the USA

Scientifically Valid


"I have enjoyed reading Living Bad Breath Free because it explains what bad breath is and how simple it is to manage successfully if you just know how. Martin and Henry’s easy-to-comprehend language has enhanced my personal understanding of bad breath and made me aware of effective ways to deal with it."


Jan Nehlin
Medical Researcher and Associate Professor

Now Don't Just Imagine Your Life Without Bad Breath—Go Out and Live It!

End Your Bad Breath Problem Permanently

Living Bad Breath Free tells you everything you need to know to stop both short and chronic halitosis, including:

  • How to Eliminate Stomach Infections that Cause Bad Breath
  • Brushing/Flossing Tips for Controlling Oral Bacteria
  • Which Oral Hygiene Products Actually Cause Bad Breath
  • What Your Dentist Never Told You About Bad Breath
  • Complete List of Essential Oils and Herbs to Freshen Breath
  • How to End Problems with Bad Breath in Just 3 Days or Less
  • How to Fight Bacteria that Can’t be Brushed Away
  • And Much More

End the embarrassment and needless suffering caused by bad breath and gain immediate access to the bad breath solution that is recommended by doctors and scientists for one simple reason: Because it really works!

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

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Living Bad Breath Free is guaranteed to help find a solution to your bad breath problem and is covered by a 60-day money back guarantee. You can either pay the full $29.95 price today or pay just $4.95 now and then $25.04 in 21 days. If you choose not to keep Living Bad Breath Free, you can cancel at any time. Your inial payment will be refunded, and any scheduled payments will be canceled.


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